Welcome to the Scent Project. Our company is growing slowly but surely, just like a garden, which makes us very happy. And we have our customers and clients to thank for that. So thank you!

​​In today's world we live, work, and play with our dogs more than ever. So I created products that benefit both species! That's right, some of our products are for humans only, like our wonderful bath salts, and our other products are for you and your dog! All ingredients are safe for dogs and people.They are gentle, and free from chemicals, emulsifiers, and preservatives.

I raised my children and dogs in my garden, and now I would love to pass along the goodness to you all! All of our products are hand blended, artisan quality, and small batch. 

As for me, I kind of own the joint! I am the Founding Owner of the Scent Project, and also the Founding Owner of Paws & People, LLC  .  I am an internationally known speaker and trainer, a Bio - Dynamic Gardener, and Mother!

If you would like to book a workshop, speaking engagement, or event, please CONTACT US.

Both our human and canine clients have benefited from our blends since 2008, and that's what makes it for me!

All of the art work you see on our site and our labels is original 'majolica' hand painted ceramic pieces that I completed in 1997. It feels complete to now bring my art work into our scent business! 



Cheers & Good Scents,